Special Guests: Mr. Donat Syla, the Kosovo Consul and MPP Sherif Sabawy, Mississauga MP from the Ministry of Heritage, Culture and Sport.

Hosted By:Tea Haxhillari & Blerta Ollomani 

Another successful event organized by RH Scholarship celebrating the annual RH Scholarship Award Ceremony. We celebrated the academic achievements of our youth. 

Hosted by:  Blerta Ollomani

October 11th 2019 Award Ceremony

March 8th 2020 Fundraiser

Scholarships for Albanian-Canadians

Special Guests: Kinga Surma MPP, Ermal Muca Albanian Ambassador to Canada, Donat Syla Consulate General of the Republic of Kosovo

Hosted By: Irsida Sheshi, Heidi Grepsa, Marissa Mucollari, Ensi Cullhaj & Briana Toto

March 8th 2019 book fair

RH Scholarship