Scholarships for Albanian-Canadians

RH Scholarship

2011 - Rej Haxhillari attends University and his life             changes forever.

2013 -The RH Scholarship is born out of a                         strong internal desire to do good and                       promote a great cause.

2014 -The RH Scholarship has its first fundraiser on         - March 7. Fundraising target achieved.

        - October 11: first award ceremony held to                 recognize the recipients.

2015​ - March 7, Fundraiser for 2015 recipients.

         - October 16, Award ceremony for 2015                     recipients.

2016 - March 12, Fundraiser for 2016 recipients.

         - October 14, Award Ceremony for 2016                     recipients.

2017 - March 4, Fundraiser for 2017 recipients.

         - November 18, Award Ceremony for 2017                 Recipients

2018 ​- March 3, Fundraiser for 2018 recipients.

         - October 20, Award Ceremony for 2018                     recipients.

2019 - March 8, 2019 Book Fair

         - October 11. 2019, Nata Shkodrane

            Award Ceremony for 2019 recipients

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upcoming Events

October 11, 2019 - Award Ceremony 
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Requirements /apply

The RH Scholarship is now accepting applications for the 2019-20 academic year until October 1st, 2019.


To reward  members of our community who have demonstrated excellence by giving them entrance scholarships for higher education.

A Goodman School of Business alumni. Attending university has made Rej realize the value of higher education and he quickly became an advocate for it. University is an expensive endeavor which made Rej wonder about the best way to help those in his community who need it the most, the RH Scholarship was born. 

Tea is a Queen's Commerce alumni and is serving as the executive marketing and finance coordinator of fundraising.

Foundation History

Co-Founders: Rej & Tea Haxhillari