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Music Nights

35th anniversary of diplomatic relations Albania-Canada - Concert
In honor of the 35th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Albania and Canada, the Embassy of the Republic of Albania in Canada, in cooperation with the Albanian-Canadian Community Association, Albanian Canadian Excellence Society - ACE, Albanian Canadian Lawyers Association (ACLA), RH Scholarship and Albanian Canadian Development Alternative organized an artistic evening at the Isabel Bader Theater in downtown Toronto, during which the Greater Toronto Philharmonic Orchestra performed works by Albanian and Canadian composers.
Music Nights with RH Scholarship

RH SCHOLARSHIP is dedicated to promoting and supporting Albanian singers. Our mission is to showcase the incredible talent of Albanian vocalists and to help them reach new audiences around the world.Since our founding in we have been working tirelessly to build a community of Albanian singers and music lovers. We organize concerts, festivals, and other events that bring together performers, fans, and industry professionals from all over the world.

Our goal is to create a platform where Albanian singers can share their music and connect with audiences, while also helping to raise the profile of Albanian music on the global stage.At the heart of our organization is a deep appreciation for the rich and diverse musical heritage of Albania. We believe that music has the power to unite people across borders and cultures, and we are dedicated to using it as a tool for promoting cross-cultural understanding and dialogue.

Our organization is run by a team of passionate and dedicated volunteers who share a love of Albanian music. We work closely with singers and industry professionals to provide support, resources, and opportunities for growth and development. Our ultimate goal is to create a thriving ecosystem for Albanian music, where singers can flourish and audiences can experience the beauty and richness of Albanian vocal traditions.